About Us


We are a well established Hawkes Bay Company, specialising in Network cabling and related communication modes.


Errol Lilley established the company first as, Errol Lilley Electronics in 1992 and in 2005 as Errol Lilley Networking Technologies Ltd.


Errol’s experience extends from 33 years in Telecom as a Radio technician from 1959 mostly in Napier and involved with Microwave radio and Land mobile radio systems. He then became involved in the cabling industry starting out on his own as a one man band to the head of our existing enterprise. Errol Lilley retired in 2013.



Manager and Director 


Hugh Lawrie


Brought up in Westport and commenced work as a Fitter Turner and working on large projects such as, the Marsden Oil Refinery amongst others.  An interest in electronics led him into TV repair, Security systems, PABX technician, weights and scales, computers until embarking out on his own as Hawkes Bay Control Systems. Hawkes Bay Control Systems amalgamated with Errol Lilley Networking Technologies Ltd in 2007. Hugh  brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our company gained from his previous background.


In Late 2013 as Errol Lilley retired Hugh Lawrie became Managing Director and Business owner.



We are a well established Hawkes Bay company specialising in Network cabling and related communication modes.


Our staff are well qualified in all aspects of Network cabling and communications who, take pride in our installations and service repairs.


Our Senior Management Team have background work in Government Communications, Engineering, Scales, Electronic Servicing, Computers and similar.


We also represent a number of National Cabling Contractors in the Hawkes Bay area in servicing their Clients on their behalf in our region.


Our Clients range from Heavy Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture, Educational and Governmental.


We have a range of abilities outside of network cabling which include Industrial Printing Solutions, Wireless Networking, CCTV Systems, PABX Installation and General Electronics.


 Give us a call – we are only too pleased to discuss your requires with you.  We aim to provide an economical solution.